Fantastic scenery and lots of water make the Lake District a choice venue for Mountain Walkers, Scramblers and Rock climbers.

Big mountains with scrambling ridges link these make for that big mountain feel.

Usually long walk-ins make for long days out, but good rock with fantastic views make every footstep worthwhile.

Other activities available are Kayaking, water sports, mountain biking, indoor climbing.

Good food and real ale make this a confirmed venue for many aspirants.






Lake District Information page


+ Traditional Multi- pitch Rock climbing
+ Good Mountaineering and mountain walking
+ Excellent Scrambling on Ridges and Ghyls

+ Good indoor climbing walls
+ Other activities

- Long walk-ins
- Not a good poor weather venue
- Rock takes a while to dry out during bad weather
- Not many single pitch venues those that exist are generally busy
- Winter skills due to poor winters





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