Mountain Navigation with Map and Compass.
discussing whereabous with map and compass
Mountain navigation is an often overlooked skill. Navigation by map and compass is a skill that will prove essential at some point in a mountaineer's or mountain walker's career. GPS navigation aids use batteries, and are often rendered unusable in extreme conditions. We will give you the skills to get to where you want to be, whether it be the top of some mountain, or back to your tent or snowhole.

Rock and Ice offer practical and theoretical instruction on using an Ordinance Survey (OS) map and magnetic compass and how to interpret the landscape around you from the OS maps available. Even in the most appalling mountain conditions, our courses will equip you to pinpoint where you are, and plan a safe route.

compassWe cover all the basics thoroughly, and then move on to the more advanced modules (learning to read between the contour lines), when you are ready.

Night-time navigation lessons and micro-navigation lessons are also available when required.

Do you want to feel more confident soloing or leading in the mountains? Book this course!

A must for mountaineers, scramblers, aspirant mountain leaders and walking group leaders who wish to improve or learn from scratch.

Many regular mountaineers and climbers don't know how to navigate safely in poor conditions, don't be one of them. If the terms magnetic variation, aspect of slope, timing or pacing don't mean anything to you, you should book a navigation course.                                        

Click here for an article we found on a walkers navigation experience.



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