Figure-of-Eight Knot

The Figure-of-Eight knot is probably the most useful of all climbing knots. It is easy to tie, easy to undo after a load has been applied, and puts little stress on the rope when tied tight. It can be tied anywhere in the rope.

Try to learn this off by heart as it will save you much time and frustration during a course. 

Figure-of-Eight on the bight

A quick way to make a secure loop for belays.


Figure-of-Eight re-threaded

The above re-threaded method is usually used to tie into a harness, and is just a case of making a figure-of-eight on the single rope, looping through the harness, and following the knot back through itself. 

Bowline knot

Used in sailing the bowline is easy to adjust and untie. Beware, though, that if tied incorrectly in can be unsafe. You should always tie a stopper knot in the loop with the loose end to prevent it from pulling through, use a fisherman's knot tied snug up to the back of the knot. Good for tying around large objects and for threading trees and boulders
when belay making.

Clove Hitch

The Clove Hitch is a great knot for tying into karabiners thus is often used for belays that are within reach. Awkward to adjust when out of reach.


The clove hitch is easily adjusted when place, but is not a particularly strong knot. Tighten before loading, as it may slip if loaded when loose.